Replacing 2006 Honda Pilot headlights

Okay someone to show you how to take off. These. 2006 and up on the Honda Pilot headlights. Avoid taking up most of the stuff but all I put it back on just so you could see. This plastic panel here. It just takes clips here. Here. The seer. So I took them all off and they’re very easy to come off there are. Little kids here You This here. Public off And then you. Take off So I did all that I So took it apart. And then this life beat both the slice have the same.

2006 honda pilot headlightsIdentical thing Here. Thank you pop that are. And this like I hear. As a vote size 10. Take that off peso than the light here which is St Louis but it will not come off. You come over and you take off. This here. As the boat like those. On the radiator or. So it comes this is that after you take off this plastic. The ball here is bolted to the rare support that comes off. That comes off. Then you go on both sides of the bumper. And then there’s going to be. A screw here. And the screw here. I think these off and this is just going to grab it. And pull it. Right out. Okay for them if they pull this out. Once that’s off. You’re going to take off. A boat like this here. Under the bumper. And. All of these clips on the bottom of the bumper.

Okay so this is 2006 Honda Pilot headlights. Hard to see on my camera but. That ball came off. And then these guys here. I haven’t taken this also show you how. To come off. Be afraid to. Pull on these guys. Same thing with this one. They pretty much come. Okay so I have. All of my troops there. Now the number 3 to come off. I’ll stop my film and I’ll show you guys.