2009 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner – Review

2009 Toyota Tacoma X-RunnerWhat’s up guys walking Ottoline I’m what if they were gonna talk about 2009 Toyota Tacoma X runner. This vehicle’s got a 4.0 liter variable valve timing intelligent V6 motor. Factory Toyota wheels. Nice set of tires. Clean Carfax only one owner son never been in an accident. Tons of service records oils been changed regularly in this vehicle has been maintained really well. Got adjustable luggage racks. Power supply A calm X runner 6 speed manual transmission with a really cool it’s here to support from the back hop inside on the show you. Check out this the interior of the 9 to calm X runner access cab. Got to 4 seats in the back. There’s little system of tell me about.

interior Toyota Tacoma X-RunnerRear sliding window. 6 speed manual transmission. 6 disc in dash CD player. Climate control settings. Cruise controls right here. Along with the settings for my stereo my volume Reagan the steering wheel. Power windows power door locks power mirrors. There’s a car fax or thought about clean Carfax. One order with a lot of service records. Now this is a really quick vehicle with 6 speed manual transmission in the 4.0 liter for such a small light truck it’s really really quick. Figure out who the hawks for down here your smartphone. All together is to really clean vehicle. Pretty rare vehicle to a lot of people when they do see these on the market salient snatched up pretty quick bottle lines got wants to come down and test drive our 2009 Toyota Tacoma X runner with access gab. Let us show you alternative concept car by non aligned preowned. Additional information of Toyota Tacoma X-Runner headlights see at http://u-lightled.com/toyota-tacoma/headlights.html.

2014 Ford Focus SE Sedan – Test Drive car

I am ari gold for auto by TEL and today we are driving the 2014 Ford Focus now technically this is an American car it’s built at Ford’s hometown of Dearborn Michigan but if you ask me this car counts as European now years back for use of the line separate product lines for the United States or North America I should say and for your own focus first came here around 2000 to 2003 we got the European 1 and after a few years Ford upper brass said okay you Americans figured either doing it Europe you have added and we got the focus back. And we screwed up so a couple years ago Ford brought back the European one and that’s basically what we have today this is the way Europeans like their compact cars and for us Americans that has its upsides and its downside.

2014 Ford Focus SE SedanNow if you buy your Ford focus in Europe you get a choice of a whole bunch of different sizes and types of gasoline and diesel engines. You’re buying in America you get this one which is a true leader that puts out a promising sounding 160 horse power now EPA fuel economy estimates for this powertrain are 20 miles per gallon city and 30 miles per gallon highway unless you buy the SFE package which I think is. Special fuel economy of though might be seen Franny and add or something like that and that bumps you up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway why you have to pay extra for that 2 miles per gallon I’m not quite sure. This car has a manual transmission and since the manual has only 5 speeds the EPA estimates are only 26 city and 36 highway and sure enough were averaging writer on 30 miles per gallon in this car. Also installed new super led 2014 Ford Focus headlights and tail led lights.

Now one concession that Ford made to the Americans as you can get. A sedan. Richard Simmons eat your heart out if you get this and you get a decent 13.2 cubic feet of trunk space in the German sensibility it is nice and box stock you can also get the car as a hatchback but will pay about 2 grand more. No this is a European size backseat. Translates to not as roomy as an American backseat. It’s actually not bad to get this nice big supportive the bottom seat cushion and I have some decent legroom but keep in mind I’m only 5 foot 6 that’s how the driver seat is adjusted so they certainly not the stretch out room that you find some other compacts and So we are drowning in a sea model which is one up from the bottom so we miss out on the much maligned my Ford touch system which uses a touch screen and buttons on the steering wheel and everybody’s ranting about is too confusing and I thought great will get a base level cars that means we’ll have a nice simple stereo and then I found that we had. All of this now Keep in mind I figure out how car stereos work for a living okay that’s part of my job and I cannot sort this thing out right now we’re on phone it automatically connected to my phone so I decided I would listen to the radio so I pressed radio. Nothing. So I pressed serious. Nothing. Radio people members the media so I press media. Nothing now it has sinking it has voice commands so try voice command. Radio. I want to listen to the radio. I just said a command so. I cannot sort this thing out what I did find is that you. Turn the stereo off. And then. Turn it back on again.

Now it comes to sink line in which is the line in from the stereo because I don’t have a stereo plug in I want Bluetooth so the way to get that is. With the menu. I sing okay doesn’t do anything. I sing that doesn’t do anything well that did something sync media.  I were never right back where we started menu. Sync media. Medium and you. Play menu. So what source there we are sink U. S. B.. Bluetooth audio. They’re finally okay and it’s working. Yes I like a little jazz anyway the point is how the hell are you supposed to do all that when you’re driving down the road at 70 miles an hour without having a crash I guess the object lesson if you it is that if you buy a Ford focus you should buy really good collision insurance. No really sets the focus part is the way it drives this car is wonderful the American engineers had to modify it a bit for our crash standards but they managed. Cars character intact. It’s got wonderful steering a little bit dirty on the freeway but very precise in the curves. Standing chassis with a really good body control this drives like a proper sports sedan.

The engine is perhaps not as quick as you would expect given the 60 horse power rating the you will keep up your speed and just fly through the courage it is. So much fun to drive my loving. Prison for the focus starts at 16810 plus an 800 $25 destination fee. This car that we’ve been driving today costs around 22 grand and you can spend as much as $28000 on a Ford focus titanium but you do get a lot of stuff 2 tone leather seats a self parking gizmo and all that now as a compact sedan erase of the composition my and that’s a great cars like the Honda civic and Chevy Cruse and out the Hyundai Elantra all give you more backseat space there more practical cars however as a driver’s car it is almost unparalleled I say almost because the Mazda 3 is just as entertaining to drive and it also has a pretty cramped backseat but this thing is really really wonderful and the best part about owning a focus is that when some blowhard with the BMW start saying well you know if you want the real German experiencing got a pony up for the BMW you can say no you don’t because the Ford focus gives you that same fun to drive experience for half the price I marigold for other by tell Tennessee next.

All of the new Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet CamaroCar series Chevrolet Camaro was announced itself in 1966, and since then the car change the appearance and modernized several times, remaining one of the most popular in many countries around the world. This model is an outstanding representative of muscular car for active people. Distinctive features of this car: powerful engine, great design, lots of fairings, wide grille, square headlights. The car took part in the blockbuster “Transformers”, where it was one of the leading role to play. After the release of the film on screens, selling of it was skyrocketed around the world. This is iconic American sports car.

The six-speed gearbox, sports suspension and a unique rear-wheel drive platform enables to keep under control engine power. It is nice and easy to drive the car, thanks to the good adhesion sports car with the road and perfectly tuned management.